Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Tagged eh? Took me a while to figure out what that meant...Also took me a while to pick up a computer since my finals ended (111 new messages on my lawschool email, yikes!). Anyway, five interesting things? Well, here it goes...

1) I know that I was only 11, but by familial extension I can claim status of a political refugee. The Czech communist party believed my mother's family was very misbehaved...

2) I didn't pick up triathlon and cycling until 2001 (Thanks N.). Though I ran and occasionally mountain biked, I was a climbing fool. One year I entered a climbing competition in Colorado and just CRUSHED my competition in the Advanced category. I have never been on like that in my life...Ever! I mean I crushed them...And then when I turned in my score card, the event director said...You crushed them, enough sandbagging for you, you're not done, get out there and climb with Elite/Pro's. Instead of on top of the podium with the group I always competed against, I finished second to last. The guy who won was Tommy Caldwell...at the time the top competition climber in the U.S.

3) I never thought that I would take 137 bodies, 69 vehicles and $20,000,000 dollars in equipment to invade a sovereign country half way around the globe...and bring it all safely back.

4) I went from a comfortable lazy existence of 6.5 hours/day, 183 days/year (perfect for training) to being a full time student with no income (at the age of 36). Have I lost my mind?

5) I live next to a cursed house. The first year we had a swat standoff as our reclusive neighbor was threatening to shoot himself. Shortly thereafter, a different set of tenants had flash bombs thrown into the house through the windows as part of a drug raid. Last night a drunk driver crashed into it while being pursued by the police. We do NOT live in a bad neighborhood.

Extra Credit:
6) I have an unreasonable fear of mechanized penguins with flapping wings and flashing eyes. I remember the abomination was as tall as I was...Frightening. My parents thought my frantic attempts at escape were amusing.

I tag Bones, Jeff in a Speedo, Muffin, Skoshi, and Cody.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Originally uploaded by mudmaid1007
Riding to my glorious 16th place at the NM State champs in the B's. GRRRR!
Thanks mudmaid for photo!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A Random Update

Just finished Crim Law final...A sordid tale of murdered cats, manslaughtered toll booth operators, reckless drivers, cyanide dealing hardwarestoremen, malicious birdwatchers and sibling rivalry. Certainly kept me entertained for 3.5 hours. Three more to go.

Pictures from Night Cross and State Cross Champs are coming. N. was kind enough take some in the freezing cold, but alas, we still haven't joined the 21st Century and 35mm needs time to develop.

How did states go? 16th out of 46 and had fun...Not a bad day in the office. Advice for aspiring crossers? Keep track of the lap count...If you start sprinting on the NEXT to the last lap it is really hard to be fast on the last one. (BTW: Morissey, some may know his wife from triathlon, is the state champ...again...)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Winter Wonderland Psychocross

Saturday Night...Thermal undershirt, thermal longsleeve, jersey, armwarmers, bibs, tights, two pairs of wool socks, bike gloves, ski gloves, balaclava, skull cap...Ok, now I was willing to exit the confines of the warm cosy, womb like confines of my truck. Fifty minutes till start time and 21 degrees...What the hell was I thinking. I exited the truck and immediately returned to put my super-warm Pearl Izumi jacket courtesy of Skoshi...And then, still cold, shivered over to the registration table to give the maniacally grinning Scott Hubbard my $17.00 and racing license. Then I jumped on the bike and rode a few laps to preview the course and warm up. Let me tell you, you do not warm up in 20 degree weather. The preview was worth it however. Despite Jamie's heroics in lighting the course with industrial floodlights, there was an icy section of single track through the woods that had nothing but the full moon (beautiful, but not conducive to high speed racing), and a barrier section that I didn't see until my buddy Eric who was in front got a mouthful of gravel and handle bars. The packed ice and snow also made handling a bit "interesting".

The race itself felt like Europe (If I knew what Europe felt like). It was just a blur of stinging cold air, camera flashes, cowbells and hoots and hollers...Absolutely amazing. I think that I turned in one of my better efforts after a bad start, but the grand plan was to warm-up in the B race and then go for cash in the A's. Since there were only 16 A's registered, and since the money went twenty places deep....Well....

Anyway, my plan fell apart as soon as I entered the Tove Shere Hospitality Suite & Warming Tent and began to thaw out. Every extremity imaginable flooded with fresh blood that until then was pooled to preserve vital organs, and I collapsed in a blubbering heap of pain. By now the temps dropped down to 16, and no way was I going out there...Not even for all of five bucks. Game over.

Photos to come. Law finals...two weeks. Panic sets in...But first...NM Cyclocross Championships...Sunday Morning, December 2nd...Hyder Park....Six blocks South of Nob Hill, between Welsley and Richmond. Will also have itty-bitty kids race and Bump & Thump (think demolition derby on cross bikes).

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

It's Movie Time

Racing with the Prince (artist formerly known as?) at US Grand Prix of Cyclocross.

...And now, for some local New Mexico action. That had to hurt...Yeah, stretch those legs boy!

I did the same thing that very day, but on the first barrier. Sadly, no video...So, you just have to settle for Brad.

Friday, November 16, 2007

A fun crosser pic from 06...I'm riding my old nag of a converted MTB...My first ever cross race.

...Yes there is usually sand...

...But it only hurts for an hour.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

It is done...Almost.

Waddled over to the start line on Sunday, tired and sore, not fast...Still, rode smooth, had no crashes, one minor bobble in the stream crossing (cold, wet, muddy...typical cross stuff) and rode my way into 10th place...Got my one point.

Wednesday, turned in my open memo, done with Legal Research, Reasoning and Writing. Went out for a training ride and then drank lots of beer afterwards...Now I realize that I have other classes. Well, back to the salt mine.

Saturday's Race is at Rio Bravo Park. There is a big hill in the middle of the field from which you can watch the entire race...Fun! Sunday's race is at Dennis Chavez Park; tons of steep climbing with deep grass there...not fun...painful. That's it, except for State Champs no more cross for another year...Back to triathlon.

...And yes, I still say the Silverman types are special kind of sick...Cross hurts, but only for an hour.